N-EXPO, renamed from WADEX since 2000, for new era
WADEX, oraganized by Nippo, has expanded its scale, contents every year under the coopearation of each exhibitor since 1992 and we have been organizing the WADEX not only in Tokyo but also Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Sendai.

In recent years, the background of a waste disposal is having changed largely and it is to say the view point of waste disposal must be changed toward to coming period. Conventionally, theme of waste is appropriate disposal such as intermidiate disposal for reducing of waste and resource recovering in Japan.

Recently, the "Resource Recovery/Recycling" is the main theme in Japan.According to this change of background, we, Nippo, will change the name of Waste Disposal Exhibition (WADEX) to New Environmental Exposition (N-EXPO) with the new concept since 2000.

N-EXPO (New Environment Exposition) will take filelds of Resource Recovery/Recycling, Controll & Improve of Air pollution, Water contamination and soil contamination and waste disposal.

NEW means;

1. New technology for New era
2. Environment business as the New business
3. Citizens' New activity to support government and company
4. New era that most of company care the environment

We can guarantee that expotion "N-EXPO2004 TOKYO" will benefit greatly from development of the large Japanese market.