1. Water Stage
1.purification unit, drainage appliance, ameliorating device, filtration device^2. sludge disposal, liquid waste disposal^3. oily water separating, grease trap^6. rain water utilization system
2. Recycle Stage
1.Recycling plant, intermediate processing plant^2. crushing machineEgrinder, shredder, cutting tool^7, waste-disposal industry, recycling manufacture
3. Green Stage
1.environmental green space engineering technology^2.environmental greenery device^3.roof greenery constructing method^4.wall surface greenery constructing method^5.heat island countermeasure technique
4. Energy Stage
1.Global warming prevention technology^2. new energy^3. energy saving^4. effective utilization of energy^5. biomass ethanol plantEBio Diesel Fuel device
5. Soil Stage
1. polluted soil improvement and technology^2. polluted soil measurement and analysis^3. polluted soil measures technologyEsewage measures technology^
6. Biomass Stage
1. garbage disposalEprofessional-use waste machine^2. cattle manure disposal, manure compost system^5.biomass technology
7. Thermal Stage
1. incinerator, fusion furnace, gasification furnace
8. Logistics Stage
1. collection transportation vehicle^2. conveyer, transportation device^3.dust box, Collection transportation container^
9. Campus Stage
1. research instituteEuniversity^2.exhibition of environment technical of academic-industrial alliance, active conduct of business
10. Safety Stage
1. cleanerEcleaning tools
11. LOHAS Stage
1.Cool Biz Fashions^2.Warm Biz Fashions^3.products related to slow life^4.environmental consideration house^5. ecotourism^6. new materials for environment
12. Fund Stage
Investment, financial affairs and accommodation of funds that makes environment theme
13. Carbon offset Stage
1. collecting, saving, sink expansion, accrual control^2. ESCO business^3. Transportation system^4 effective utilization for thinned wood^5.technology,systems and services related to cutting their emissions of greenhouse gases^6. Kyoto mechanism elation
14. World Stage
1. overseas enterprise^2. friendship town, sister port, friendship port
15. Eco-car Stage
1. hybrid car^2. battery car^3. less polluting car^4. natural gas car^5. liquefied petroleum gas car
16. KANSAI Stage
17. Solution Stage
1. environment management system, Environmental software^2. manifest management systems^4. environmental consultant solutions
18. User Stage
19. Entertainment Stage

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