Report on Joint Event

■2015 New Environmental Exposition Memorial Seminars 2015
* Collection of Disused Items and Bulky Waste & Estate Sale Businesses
* Tokyo Olympics & Future Construction Waste Treatment
* Recycling of Waste Plastics: Market trends in Japan and overseas
* In-depth Explanation from Introduction to Actual Practice!: the Waste Management and *Public Cleansing Act & management practices
* New Business Development and Securing Routes for Resource Recycling: Waste paper, *glass, scrap iron, and other
* Next Generation Waste and New Markets for Recycling & Treatment: Solar power *generation systems, large-capacity storage batteries, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)
* New Food Recycling Systems & New Development of Food Recycling Businesses: Points *for system reform and potential for the development of methane fermentation businesses
* Evolving Reverse Logistics and Development of New Recycling Businesses
* Packaging Seminar: Adding value to processed cardboard and paper
* Drastically Changing Trends of Woody Biomass Power Generation: Supply and demand for fuel, situation in Japan and overseas, downsizing, and co-generation
* People Coming Together! Getting People Together! Waste Treatment Businesses Chosen by People: Attractive companies that motivate employees and maintain the customer’s trust
* Advanced recycling of containers and packaging: Successful bids, technological innovation, and new applications

■Stop Global Warming! Global Warming Prevention Forum 2015
Period: May 26 to 29
Venue: Hall 4/Global Warming Prevention Exhibition 2015
We had 11 sessions under the each theme.

1. Open Discussion Future of the Earth & Our Choices: IPCC X Business
2. Global Warming Prevention Measures in FY 2015
3. Expansion and New Entry Points for Geothermal Utilization
4. Examples of Installation and Challenges for Expansion of Small-scale Hydroelectric Power Generation
5. Current State and Challenges for Solar Power Generation: Towards new expansion
6. Prospects for “Solar Sharing”: Solar power generation with crop cultivation
7. Seminar on Environmental Businesses in Hong Kong and China
8. Latest Trends and Challenges for Woody Biomass Power Generation
9. Recent Trends in Renewable Energy
10. Introduction of Energy-Saving Measures and Support Services for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
[Governmental support]
11.Energy-Saving Measures to Reduce Energy Usage and Cut Costs [Actual cases]