Fields of exhibit in N-EXPO 2018

Reuse of resources, waste disposal, demolition
【1】Crushing, pulverization, bag breaking, granulation and related fields 【2】Cutting, severing, wire stripping, stirring and related fields 【3】Selection, separation and related fields 【4】Volume reduction, compression, packaging and related fields 【5】Loaders 【6】Attachments 【7】Disassembly machines 【8】Breakers 【9】Cutters 【10】Shredders 【11】Molding machines 【12】Crushers 【13】Modeling machines 【14】Bailing presses 【15】Destroyers 【16】Hydraulic cutters 【17】Blades 【18】Mixers 【19】Sorters by color, material and weight 【20】Magnetic separators 【21】Extractors 【22】Exfoliators 【23】Metal eliminators 【24】Trommel screens 【25】Final disposal sites and related fields 【26】Medical waste 【27】Hazardous wastes 【28】Consultants 【29】Blenders 【30】Asbestos related 【31】Plaster board measures 【32】Fluorocarbon processing 【33】Metal recover and recycling 【34】Waste electrical wire recycling 【35】Construction sludge and displaced soil recycling technologies 【36】Rare metal recover and recycling 【37】Dioxin related fields 【38】Waste paper recycling 【39】Hydraulic motors 【40】Hoses, joints, valves and couplers 【41】Parts for industrial machines 【42】Safety measures 【43】Industrial waste processing contractors 【44】General waste processing contractors 【45】Recycling contractors 【46】Demolition contractors 【47】Demolition methods 【48】Safety measures (technologies for preventing accidents) 【49】Environmental measures (noise, vibration and dust measures) 【50】Work environment improvement (prevention of dust and hyperthermia) 【51】Asbestos measures (removal methods, detoxification techniques, level measure products, investigation and inspection agencies) 【52】Soil pollution related fields (purification technologies) 【53】Technologies, systems and services related to demolition and construction recycling
Local governments
【1】Environmental activities of local governments, administrations and groups
Water treatment, water purification
【1】Potable water treatment and spent (sewage) water treatment technologies and devices 【2】Flocculation agent, adsorbent, water treatment chemicals and other related chemicals agents 【3】Membrane and filtering technologies 【4】Ultrapure water manufacturing devices 【5】Water filters 【6】Water purifiers 【7】Seawater desalination technologies and devices 【8】Water classifiers and cleansers 【9】Modules 【10】Soil and ground water investigation and consulting 【11】Waste liquid treatment technologies and devices 【12】Water purification related devices 【13】Plant makers 【14】Oil separating systems 【15】Measuring instruments
Soil, air and environmental improvement
【1】Sludge conveyors 【2】Sludge soil 【3】Water, soil and air purification technologies and devices 【4】Cleaning agents 【5】Software 【6】Measurement, analysis and detection equipment 【7】Soil survey related equipment 【8】Safety and protection supplies 【9】Risk management, evaluation and information 【10】Dust, noise and vibration countermeasures 【11】Dust collection and exhaust gas treatment 【12】Vacuum cleaners and sweepers 【13】Deodorization devices (agents) and biological products 【14】Work safety and protective tools 【15】Protective clothing 【16】Atomizers 【17】Adsorbents and flocculation agents 【18】Absorbents 【19】Mist cooling systems 【20】Bag filters 【21】Scrubbers and washers 【22】Filters 【23】Organic solvent countermeasure technologies【24】Foundation reinforcement 【25】Displaced soil recycling 【26】Bird and beast damage countermeasures
Bioplastics, packaging and ecological products
【1】Bioplastic and related products, biomass plastics, biodegradable plastics and new ecological materials 【2】Waterless printing and ecological printers and materials 【3】Film and pouches (refill containers, etc.), plastic containers (bottles and trays) 【4】Paper containers and packaging material 【5】Molded pulp containers and cushioning materials 【6】Wooden containers 【7】Packing bands, ropes and tape 【8】Ecological labels 【9】Ecological pallets 【10】Ecological sheets 【11】Cardboard pallets 【12】Returnable containers 【13】Waste paper and plastic blended resin and sheet containers 【14】Solvent-free adhesives 【15】Plastic corrugated boards and micro-flutes 【16】Triple honeycomb boards 【17】Environmental hygiene equipment and inspection systems 【18】Packaging related machines and related equipment 【19】Plastic material recycling 【20】Ecological products 【21】Ecological packaging materials 【22】Organic cotton 【23】Recycled products 【24】Reusable shopping bags
Biomass and organic waste treatment
【1】Garbage disposals 【2】Composting plants 【3】Fertilizer production plants 【4】Fodder production plants 【5】Pelletizers 【6】Microorganic materials 【7】Foodstuff recycling related fields 【8】Biological resource recycling related fields
Related groups and academic organizations
【1】Universities and research institutes 【2】Corporate environmental PR 【3】Corporate CSR activities 【4】Industryacademic-government related fields 【5】Foreign embassies 【6】Foreign environment expositions 【7】Environmental projects 【8】Environmental education, afforestation activities
Environmental software, scales, measurement, analysis, environmental solutions
【1】Environmental management software 【2】Waste management software 【3】Information processing 【4】Manifest management software 【5】Garbage measurement systems 【6】Distribution management systems 【7】Environmental search sites 【8】Position detection systems 【9】Truck scales 【10】Forklift scales 【11】Road meters 【12】Certification acquisition support related fields 【13】Environmental consultants and solutions 【14】Illegal dumping monitoring cameras 【15】ISO Certification agencies and acquisition assistance 【16】Measurements and analyses related to Industrial wastes, hazardous materials and the work environment 【17】Measurements and analyses related to noise and odor regulating laws
Collection, shipping, transportation, storage and distribution
【1】Collection and transportation vehicles 【2】Lifts 【3】Conveyors 【4】Pallets 【5】Carriers 【6】Box and container collection containers, flexible container bags 【7】Distribution systems 【8】Waste transportation systems 【9】Mobile recycling vehicles 【10】Garbage bags 【11】Medical waste disposal containers 【12】Garbage trucks 【13】Crane trucks 【14】Wing vehicles 【15】Vacuum cars 【16】High pressure washing vehicles 【17】Suction work vehicles 【18】Refrigerated vehicles 【19】Road sprinklers 【20】Stainless steel truck beds 【21】Oscillating truck beds 【22】Fuel efficiency improvement systems 【23】Additives 【24】Alternative fuels 【25】Energy-saving driving systems 【26】Safe driving and drive management systems 【27】Rearview monitors 【28】Drive recorders 【29】Distribution management systems 【30】Vehicle allocation systems 【31】Distribution office software 【32】DPF 【33】Noise reduction systems 【34】Vibration reduction systems 【35】Collection and transportation contractors 【36】Distributors 【37】Vehicle washing technologies 【38】Vehicle insurance 【39】Vehicle maintenance 【40】Financing
【1】Waste incineration heat utilization related technologies 【2】Incineration 【3】Melting 【4】Gasification 【5】Thermal decomposition devices 【6】Carbonization, drying and boilers 【7】Stoves 【8】Emulsification and conversion of waste to fuel 【9】Firing and rotary kilns 【10】Exhaust gas, burners and nozzles 【11】Solid fuel processing 【12】Cooling, fume cleaning, flocculation and solidification 【13】Waste heat utilization 【14】Exhaust gas treatment 【15】Waste power generation
Civil engineering, construction, disaster response
【1】Construction companies 【2】Demolition companies 【3】Rental companies 【4】Recycling contractors 【5】Land improvement materials (roads, water and sewage) 【6】Civil engineering materials (bridges, rivers, ports) 【7】Civil engineering materials (general civil engineering, landscape architecture, greening) 【8】Construction materials (steel, non-ferrous metals) 【9】Construction materials (cement, ready-mix concrete) 【10】Construction materials (concrete admixtures) 【11】Construction materials (aggregates, secondary concrete products) 【12】Construction materials (adhesives, structural repair technologies, reinforcing materials) 【13】Architecture and construction paints 【14】Civil engineering work technologies 【15】Electrical facility work technologies 【16】Mechanical facility work technologies 【17】Unmanned construction technologies 【18】Information-oriented construction technologies 【19】Construction machinery and tools 【20】Pollution prevention related materials 【21】Architectural design and related supplies 【22】Construction consulting 【23】NETIS technology construction 【24】Disaster waste related fields (disaster waste removal, collection, recycling, processing and disposal) 【25】Recovery and reconstruction measures and related fields (improved soil, recycled aggregates, decontamination, radioactivity) 【26】Shelter living and related fields 【27】First aid, BCP and related fields
Confidential document and security measures
【1】Confidential document shredding services 【2】Melting and recycling 【3】Document storage and digitization services 【4】Shredders 【5】Magnetic data erasing devices 【6】Confidential document waste boxes 【7】National identification number measures 【8】Security cameras 【9】Recorders 【10】Anti-theft equipment 【11】Anti-virus measures 【12】Information leakage insurance 【13】Confidential waste paper and data recovery contractors
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Fields of exhibit in GWPE 2018

Global warming prevention measures
【1】CO2 emissions and emission reduction calculating systems 【2】Emission trading support services 【3】Carbon offsetting 【4】CO2 consulting and management systems 【5】Green electric power certificates 【6】CDM consulting 【7】Transport systems 【8】Carbon dioxide recovery and storage (CCS) 【9】Desertification prevention technologies 【10】Products using timber from forest thinning 【11】Products using bamboo 【12】Waste treatment and recycling contractors 【13】Building conservation
Promotion of New Energy and Renewable Energy
【1】Reusable energy introduction support and assistance businesses (mediation, financing, construction, technology, etc.) 【2】Solar photovoltaic generation 【3】Solar water heaters 【4】Solar furnaces 【5】Solar thermal power generation 【6】Lighting systems 【7】Solar streetlights 【8】Small-scale hydraulic power generation 【9】Tidal current power generation 【10】Wave activated power generation 【11】Tidal power generation 【12】Temperature difference power generation 【13】Wind power generation 【14】Geothermal power generation 15】Geothermal heat utilization 【16】Hydrothermal, snow and ice heat and aerothermal energy utilization 【17】Bioethanol related fields 【18】Biodiesel fuel related fields 【19】Wood biomass related fields (timber from forest thinning, firewood, charcoal, pellets) 【20】Wood biomass power generation 【21】Wood pellet stoves 【22】Biomass related fields 【23】Biogas power generation 【24】Biomass boilers 【25】Biofuel (palm, Jatropha, etc.) 【26】Dung fuel 【27】Smart grid related fields (batteries, smart meters, BEMS/FEMS/HEMS, smart homes) 【28】Hydrogen and fuel cells 【29】Binary cycles 【30】Energy management equipment and systems 【31】Electric vehicles and motorcycles 【32】Environmental infrastructure businesses 【33】Corporate PR, distributed energy system project PR 【34】Waste treatment and recycling contractors
Power and energy saving measures
【1】Energy saving and power saving system support companies (mediation, financing, construction, technologies, etc.) 【2】Energy saving diagnostic systems 【3】ESCO 【4】Greening (rooftop greening, wall greening, parking lot greening, etc.) 【5】Control and measurements (visualization) 【6】Air-conditioners and heat pumps 【7】Lighting (LEDs, etc.) 【8】Rainwater and waste water utilization 【9】Water saving systems 【10】Waterless toilets 【11】Fuel improvement systems 【12】Energy saving manufacturing 【13】Energy saving in general 【14】Related agencies 【15】Waste treatment and recycling contractors
Measures against intense summer heat
【1】Paving methods, materials, road paving and heat island countermeasures 【2】Thermal insulation (paints, sheets, window coats, window film, insulating work, insulating materials) 【3】Cooling mist 【4】Drinking water 【5】Salt replenishing products 【6】Airconditioned clothing 【7】Cooling fibers 【8】Sunshades 【9】Ceiling fans 【10】Hyperthermia index measuring instruments 【11】Cooling items
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