Exhibitor's List
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Collection, Shipping, Transportation, Storage and Distribution
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】BROAD Air Conditioning
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】HUNAN KEOCT MATERIALS <
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】Hunan Banfert New Materials Technology  
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】Hunan Gaintop Technology
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】HENGYANG JIANHENG INDUSTRIAL  
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】Hunan Xiangtou Goldsky New Materials
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】Lantiden New Environmental Construction Material
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology
【Booth No.】H100 【Company's Name】YIYANG HONGYUAN RARE EARTH
【Booth No.】H101 【Company's Name】ShinMaywa Industries
【Booth No.】H102 【Company's Name】Yasuda  
【Booth No.】H200 【Company's Name】Morita Holdings
【Booth No.】H201 【Company's Name】Retrus  
【Booth No.】H202 【Company's Name】Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo  
【EXHIBITS】Collection/Transport Vehicles
【Booth No.】H203 【Company's Name】K・M Wing  
【Booth No.】H204 【Company's Name】SSC  
【Booth No.】H204 【Company's Name】Kansai Tsushyou  
【Booth No.】H205 【Company's Name】Yamabata Container Works  
【EXHIBITS】Box and Container
【Booth No.】H206 【Company's Name】KAISUIMAREN
【Booth No.】H300 【Company's Name】BIOISM  
【Booth No.】H301 【Company's Name】Tani industrial  
【Booth No.】H302 【Company's Name】The Yamazaki Corporation
【Booth No.】H303 【Company's Name】Green Bell
【Booth No.】H304 【Company's Name】One will  
【Booth No.】H305 【Company's Name】Mega Assist  
【Booth No.】H306 【Company's Name】BANYU