Exhibitor's List
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Waste Recycling/Waste Disposal/Demolition Area
【Booth No.】U400 【Company's Name】Fukudahamonokougyou  
【Booth No.】U401 【Company's Name】SASAKI
【Booth No.】U402 【Company's Name】Yuatsu Sogo  
【Booth No.】U403 【Company's Name】MAEKAWA-KOGYOSHO  
【Booth No.】U404 【Company's Name】Wako Tsushin Kogyo
【Booth No.】U405 【Company's Name】Polystar Machinery  
【Booth No.】U406 【Company's Name】ORIENTAL TRADING MEDIATION
【Booth No.】U407 【Company's Name】Ploflex & Co
【Booth No.】U408 【Company's Name】SSAB Swedish Steel
【Booth No.】U409 【Company's Name】ASKK  
【Booth No.】U410 【Company's Name】Inter-Action
【Booth No.】U411 【Company's Name】TOHTO Hydraulics  
【Booth No.】U412 【Company's Name】Maehashi Industries  
【EXHIBITS】Sorting, Separation
【Booth No.】U413 【Company's Name】RIX  
【Booth No.】U414 【Company's Name】Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U415 【Company's Name】VIP GLOBAL  
【Booth No.】U415-2 【Company's Name】Create Nippo  
【Booth No.】U416 【Company's Name】JX Nippon Mining & Metals
【Booth No.】U417 【Company's Name】Mud Recycling Association
【Booth No.】U418 【Company's Name】UPRISE  
【Booth No.】U419 【Company's Name】Ryokusan  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U420 【Company's Name】Japan Foundry Service  
【Booth No.】U420-2  【Company's Name】Ueda Industries  
【Booth No.】U421 【Company's Name】NRC JAPAN
【Booth No.】U421 【Company's Name】KUKITA
【Booth No.】U422 【Company's Name】KYOWA-KOGYOSHO  
【Booth No.】U423 【Company's Name】FUJIBAYASHI  
【Booth No.】U424 【Company's Name】SANKYO CHEMICAL  
【Booth No.】U425 【Company's Name】Sanritsu Machine Industry  
【Booth No.】U426 【Company's Name】KOBUKURO TECHNO  
【Booth No.】U427 【Company's Name】NIIHAMA IRON WORKS  
【Booth No.】U428 【Company's Name】Syoken  
【Booth No.】U429 【Company's Name】Kyomachi Sangyosharyo  
【Booth No.】U430 【Company's Name】Kuroda  
【Booth No.】U431 【Company's Name】Keiwa Kogyo  
【EXHIBITS】Industrial Waste Disposal
【Booth No.】U432 【Company's Name】GZ GLOBAL GREEN  
【EXHIBITS】Compaction, Compression, Baling Presses
【Booth No.】U432 【Company's Name】Chuken Shoji
【EXHIBITS】Compaction, Compression, Baling Presses
【Booth No.】U432 【Company's Name】Niimisyoten  
【EXHIBITS】Compaction, Compression, Baling Presses
【Booth No.】U433 【Company's Name】GERB JAPAN  
【Booth No.】U434 【Company's Name】ALMEDIO
【Booth No.】U435 【Company's Name】Itogumi  
【Booth No.】U436 【Company's Name】GROWTH POWER  
【Booth No.】U437 【Company's Name】Marujun  
【Booth No.】U438 【Company's Name】FUJI KOGYO  
【Booth No.】U439 【Company's Name】Fuji Car Manufacturing  
【Booth No.】U440 【Company's Name】RYOHSHIN  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U441 【Company's Name】Ohno Associates
【Booth No.】U442 【Company's Name】Ninomiya Industries  
【Booth No.】U442 【Company's Name】Flip Screen Australia
【Booth No.】U444 【Company's Name】Bosch Rexroth  
【Booth No.】U445 【Company's Name】Hokushinjuki
【Booth No.】U446 【Company's Name】MONOI  
【Booth No.】U447 【Company's Name】Kitagawa Iron Works  
【Booth No.】U448 【Company's Name】Shinnan
【Booth No.】U449 【Company's Name】Kubota Environmental Service
【EXHIBITS】Solid Fuel Production
【Booth No.】U450 【Company's Name】HORAI
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U451 【Company's Name】Kamijin  
【Booth No.】U452 【Company's Name】Maruma Technica  
【Booth No.】U453 【Company's Name】Taziri  
【Booth No.】U454 【Company's Name】Okada Aiyon  
【Booth No.】U455 【Company's Name】Eco Clean
【Booth No.】U500 【Company's Name】TOYU  
【Booth No.】U502 【Company's Name】SATAKE
【Booth No.】U503 【Company's Name】Nord-Lock Japan  
【Booth No.】U504 【Company's Name】Osaka NED Machinery  
【Booth No.】U505 【Company's Name】COAD  
【Booth No.】U506 【Company's Name】Fujikawa Sangyou  
【Booth No.】U507 【Company's Name】Mogami Clean Center  
【Booth No.】U508 【Company's Name】Suntré  
【EXHIBITS】We will introduce a new eco thermal system for waste plastic.
【Booth No.】U508 【Company's Name】ELCOM  
【EXHIBITS】We will introduce a new waste plastic management system.
【Booth No.】U508 【Company's Name】Nishihara  
【Booth No.】U508 【Company's Name】Meino  
【Booth No.】U509 【Company's Name】MEINO  
【Booth No.】U510 【Company's Name】SANYO ENGINEERING  
【EXHIBITS】Sorting, Separation
【Booth No.】U511 【Company's Name】Tas Tech  
【Booth No.】U512 【Company's Name】Sanwa Sangyou  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U513 【Company's Name】Pellenc ST Japan KK
【Booth No.】U514 【Company's Name】Cascade Japan
【Booth No.】U515 【Company's Name】MSC  
【Booth No.】U516 【Company's Name】JFE Steel
【Booth No.】U517 【Company's Name】Z E R O JAPAN  
【Booth No.】U518 【Company's Name】Maruka Machinery
【EXHIBITS】Hydraulic Cutters
【Booth No.】U518 【Company's Name】ERKAT
【EXHIBITS】Hydraulic Cutters
【Booth No.】U518 【Company's Name】KEMROC
【EXHIBITS】Hydraulic Cutters
【Booth No.】U518 【Company's Name】HKS
【EXHIBITS】Hydraulic Cutters
【Booth No.】U518 【Company's Name】Rentama
【EXHIBITS】Hydraulic Cutters
【Booth No.】U519 【Company's Name】Cosmo Sound  
【Booth No.】U520 【Company's Name】Yamato  
【Booth No.】U521 【Company's Name】Green  
【Booth No.】U522 【Company's Name】SATO TEKKO  
【Booth No.】U523 【Company's Name】ERIEZ MAGNETICS JAPAN  
【Booth No.】U524 【Company's Name】Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems  
【EXHIBITS】Industrial Machine Parts
【Booth No.】U525 【Company's Name】SSI Shredding Systems
【Booth No.】U526 【Company's Name】Yuken Kogyo  
【Booth No.】U527 【Company's Name】Shizuka  
【EXHIBITS】Noise/Vibration/Dust Control
【Booth No.】U528 【Company's Name】J TEC
【Booth No.】U529 【Company's Name】AEM  
【Booth No.】U530 【Company's Name】Shonan Trading  
【Booth No.】U530 【Company's Name】EREMA Japan  
【Booth No.】U531 【Company's Name】Chiyoda Ute  
【Booth No.】U532 【Company's Name】National Institute of Technology, Toyama College
【EXHIBITS】Universities and Research Institutes
【Booth No.】U533 【Company's Name】Sigma  
【Booth No.】U534 【Company's Name】Daichukankyo  
【EXHIBITS】Gypsum Board Recycling
【Booth No.】U534-2 【Company's Name】Ube Materials Industries  
【EXHIBITS】Construction Sludge/Soil Recycling
【Booth No.】U535 【Company's Name】Watabe Industries  
【EXHIBITS】Gypsum Board Recycling
【Booth No.】U536 【Company's Name】TOMRA Sorting KK
【Booth No.】U537 【Company's Name】KYC Machine Industry  
【Booth No.】U538 【Company's Name】URAS TECHNO  
【Booth No.】U538 【Company's Name】Murakami Seiki Mfg  
【Booth No.】U539 【Company's Name】Morooka  
【Booth No.】U540 【Company's Name】Tokyo Board industories  
【Booth No.】U541 【Company's Name】DAEWON GSI  
【EXHIBITS】Color/Material/Density Sorters
【Booth No.】U541 【Company's Name】Nihonsenki  
【Booth No.】U542 【Company's Name】Taiyo Machinery  
【Booth No.】U543 【Company's Name】OHARA
【Booth No.】U544 【Company's Name】MB Japan  
【EXHIBITS】Demolition/Construction Recycling Systems
【Booth No.】U545 【Company's Name】Miike Iron Works  
【Booth No.】U546 【Company's Name】FUJITEX  
【Booth No.】U547 【Company's Name】UENOTEX  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U547 【Company's Name】SAKAMOTOTEX  
【EXHIBITS】Cutting, Shearing, Cable Peeling
【Booth No.】U548 【Company's Name】Sun Earth  
【Booth No.】U549 【Company's Name】KINKI INDUSTRIAL  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U550 【Company's Name】Nikko  
【Booth No.】U600 【Company's Name】HOKUEI  
【Booth No.】U601 【Company's Name】Kaiyo Engineering  
【Booth No.】U602 【Company's Name】Yutani Industrial  
【Booth No.】U603 【Company's Name】Maruwa Machinery  
【Booth No.】U603 【Company's Name】
【Booth No.】U604 【Company's Name】TONICHI KOSAN  
【Booth No.】U605 【Company's Name】Japan RPF Association
【Booth No.】U606 【Company's Name】Hammel Enterprise
【Booth No.】U607 【Company's Name】Hiroshima University
【Booth No.】U607 【Company's Name】Siliconbio
【Booth No.】U608 【Company's Name】Kimioka Ironworks K K
【Booth No.】U609 【Company's Name】M-Dia &  
【Booth No.】U610 【Company's Name】WAM GROUP
【Booth No.】U611 【Company's Name】Jnesys  
【Booth No.】U612 【Company's Name】Tatsuei  
【Booth No.】U613 【Company's Name】Reformo  
【Booth No.】U614 【Company's Name】Oguma Iron Works
【EXHIBITS】Granulation, Forming Machines
【Booth No.】U615 【Company's Name】DAISAKU TRADING  
【Booth No.】U616 【Company's Name】Shinnou-Planning  
【Booth No.】U617 【Company's Name】Merci  
【Booth No.】U618 【Company's Name】Harada Sangyo  
【Booth No.】U619 【Company's Name】EARTHTECHNICA  
【Booth No.】U619 【Company's Name】EARTHTECHNICA M&S  
【Booth No.】U619 【Company's Name】Bec Works
【Booth No.】U620 【Company's Name】Shinwa Manufacturing  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U621 【Company's Name】Japan Portable Rechageable Battery Recycling Center
【Booth No.】U623 【Company's Name】Sanyo Trading  
【Booth No.】U624 【Company's Name】Shuttle  
【EXHIBITS】PET Bottle Washing Line
【Booth No.】U625-2 【Company's Name】DYNASET
【Booth No.】U626 【Company's Name】INTCO RECYCLING
【EXHIBITS】We buy: waste EPS
【Booth No.】U627 【Company's Name】Nissin Electronics  
【Booth No.】U627-2 【Company's Name】Shinwaseiki  
【Booth No.】U628 【Company's Name】Environment Preservation Service  
【Booth No.】U628 【Company's Name】Waste Glass Recycling Business Cooperative
【Booth No.】U628-2 【Company's Name】CM Tire Shredder
【Booth No.】U628-2 【Company's Name】Columbus Mckinnon
【Booth No.】U629 【Company's Name】Yeong Ming Machine Industrial  
【EXHIBITS】Pelletizer (biomass, feed, fertilizer)
【Booth No.】U630 【Company's Name】NCM  
【Booth No.】U631 【Company's Name】Pana-Chemical  
【Booth No.】U632 【Company's Name】Yamamoto  
【Booth No.】U633 【Company's Name】SUNMORE KK
【Booth No.】U634 【Company's Name】Shin'yo Engineering  
【Booth No.】U635 【Company's Name】Onodera Manufacturing
【Booth No.】U636 【Company's Name】>NCT Chemical
【Booth No.】U636 【Company's Name】Chang Woen Machinery
【Booth No.】U636-2 【Company's Name】MYC  
【Booth No.】U636-3 【Company's Name】Asei
【Booth No.】U637 【Company's Name】Maxis
【Booth No.】U638 【Company's Name】NIHON-CIM  
【Booth No.】U639 【Company's Name】Plant System  
【Booth No.】U640 【Company's Name】TEZUKA PRESS  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U641 【Company's Name】FUKURO INDUSTRIAL  
【Booth No.】U642 【Company's Name】Daio Engineering  
【Booth No.】U643 【Company's Name】Nakayama Iron Works  
【EXHIBITS】Crushing, Comminution, Bag Breaking, Shredders
【Booth No.】U644 【Company's Name】TAGUCHi Create  
【Booth No.】U644 【Company's Name】TAGUCHi Industrial
【Booth No.】U644 【Company's Name】TAGUCHi Assist
【Booth No.】U645 【Company's Name】Ryoki  
【Booth No.】U646 【Company's Name】JCE  
【Booth No.】U647 【Company's Name】Ueda Industries  
【Booth No.】U648 【Company's Name】Guangzhou Chengyue Machinery